Beat Magazine: City Lights

Sharl radiates sheer, raw talent… City Lights is an ethereal indulgence and fine official introduction to Sharl’s creative mind… Growing into this creative freedom, the new chapter has allowed the artist to stand out from the crowd on her stirring debut album, creating musical magic through deeply vulnerable moments of reflection, reckoning, connection, and wonder.

CLOUT: I Fell In Love

Asian-Australian pop upstart Sharl has wasted no time establishing herself as a prolific and unerringly consistent talent, releasing a plethora of singles leading to the release of her debut album City Lights… The track is absolutely loaded full of sonic intricacies and delicate moments that showcase the deftness and guile of Sharl, crafting a sound that feels both familiar in its pop sensibilities but entirely her own in style.

LAMUSIQUE Review: Let Me Know

Sharl blends crisp production, hooking melodies and elements of relatability to construct the perfect pop track.

LAMUSIQUE Review: That Girl

Sharl Returns With Another Unforgettable Melody Called ‘That Girl’How each verse flows into each chorus and vice versa is incredible. How Sharl’s angelic vocals express such lyrics of self reflection and realisation is beautiful.


Interview – What’s New On The Scene (Australian Music Podcast)

Pop Passion Blog: Artist Interview with Sharl

Revealing her musical influences, go-to karaoke song, and what’s coming next

M.E.I. Recordings: Artist Interview with Sharl

Talking about her musical origins, lessons learned and the single “That Girl”