Growing up in sleepy parts of the UK while devouring copious amounts of Top 40 and fashion magazines, Sharl spent her teenage years playing music, writing songs and aspiring to a simple life path: to move far away to a big city, help the community by becoming a doctor and live happily ever after with a closet full of couture.

With starry-eyed resolve, she made those dreams happen (except the last one – still working on it!) After making her way across the world to Australia, Sharl found herself growing compassion and realistic perspective through the challenges of navigating life, love and loss as a young adult. Throughout it all, songwriting and singing remained her unstoppable passion and constant force in life.

Her early music, released by a UK indie record label and performed at small city festivals with local radio play, was described as “pure relevance… chick-flick drops of colour accompanied with those happy beats”. “Whilst she can party like it’s going out of fashion, and would suit any sleep over, [she] also spreads her thoughts through some softer numbers” [New Reviews].

Those qualities of nuanced lyrical observations, with captivating melodies over a diverse range of pop subgenres, are still central to her music today.